Citrix Developer Solutions Podcast

S2E0 - Citrix Developer Solutions Podcast Season 2 Intro

May 18, 2021 Brick Bridge Consulting Season 2 Episode 0
Citrix Developer Solutions Podcast
S2E0 - Citrix Developer Solutions Podcast Season 2 Intro
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What is the path forward for this podcast? As you may have guessed by the new name - we are going to be covering development and client-delivery across all the latest SaaS product offerings from Citrix (as well as any non-SaaS Citrix products that you should be knowledgeable about). I promised it won’t just be me talking the whole time. As in the past, this podcast is also not a self-promotional one. We are going to be delivering value directly to your ears with technical topics, innovative use cases, and discussion with engaging guests.  

Our main topics will be centered around all the latest in Citrix SaaS-based offerings. There will be many episodes dedicated to Podio (it still will be a HUGE part of the podcast), Workspace with Intelligence, Wrike, and ShareFile/RightSignature. We’ll also be touching on the most popular integrations that all of our clients desire: Office 365, Google GSuite, SAP, Salesforce, and other popular SaaS software that all of our clients desire to integrate.

We are also going to be taking brief glimpses into Citrix’s classic non-SaaS offerings but will stick mostly with virtualization product families. In the category of topics will be CVAD, ADC/SD-WAN, and Citrix Analytics will also making the show at some point. These are wonderful additions to any Citrix Development practice. Technical topics will be around designs in the no-code/low-code interfaces, JavaScript and PHP examples for Podio Workflow Automation use cases, and a little bit on APIs and how to utilize them in several of the Citrix products.

Business topics and customer use cases will be sprinkled in throughout the season. The Podio community has been solving our client’s workflow conundrums and also designing the sometimes outrageous automation desire for years. We’ll discuss our journey of how we brought our non-Citrix integrations to the Citrix Ready marketplace and how you can too. We’ll share our process on what it’s like to compete in Citrix Hackathons and why you should rise to the challenge too. 

You’re going to be hearing from the talent of the Brick Bridge Consulting Team about all these topics and our successes and obstacles, past and present. We’ll be bringing on others from the Citrix Developer community - familiar names and new ones - to talk shop about their overall experiences with delivering Citrix solutions. We also plan to have a few select vendors and ecosystem resources on to give an inside look at how their services can help grow your business without being a total sales pitch. Lastly, we want YOU to be on the podcast - through your messages, issues, topics, or whatever you can throw at us

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Speaker 1:

Welcome to the Citrix development solutions podcast by bridge consulting. This podcast is dedicated to design development and implementation to growing number of citric SAS platforms, as well as some topics around their associated virtualization products. We'll use this process to discuss our own experiences, challenges with the SAS platforms, as well as meet interesting people from around the growing Citrix developer community. If you're a developer designer, administrator, customer, or an agency that uses Citrix products, and once the most out of your experience, then you're in the right spot and should smash that subscribe button and the bell. If there's one where you're listening, if you have already thank you so much for your support. Lastly, engage with us. If you have a topic solution, challenge, or message, we want to hear about it. Reach out to us via our company pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. You can also send us a message or Podio chat to Hello listeners. Welcome to season two. I want to introduce deuce our new season by briefly discussing the platforms that we're going to be covering. But first we owe our long-term listeners an explanation with what happened and why the new name for this podcast. A couple of years back, we launched the Podio solutions podcast to help spark more conversation in the Podio community. Given the size of Podemos developer community, we felt that it was a relative success, much has changed since that final episode and listening to it brings a bit of a nostalgia. We also hosted the first north American Podio meetup that fall of 2019 and had planned to begin a new podcasts season, season two, right before the 2019 holidays. But we had planned our meetup to consign with Citrix's converge 1.0, it was the day after our meetup concluded. The main draw to the invite only event was the chance to work on a new SAS product. Citrix was producing named workspace with intelligence. It also brought an opportunity to inter a hackathon brick bridge won an award at that converge most innovative, which was a top honor in our book. More importantly, our trajectory as a company was changed forever. We saw that converge and workspace with intelligence was the employee experience software and the future of work, but it wasn't just us. Many of our friends in the Podio developer community took advantage and the stage for the awards at converge. In fact, Podio developers swept all, but the Citrix employee category. And I bet if Podio Citra rights had been there, they would have likely swept that category too. But back to the podcast, we are still getting listens to season one, two years later, for which we were very grateful. Many of you are soon to be some of you rough through it with those first 10 or so episodes where we didn't have any proper equipment. And of course my dismal editing skills, the next 15, we had a proper mic and me with a little more time under the belt, the content is great across all those episodes. So if you haven't dipped into them yet, please do so. It's worth the effort. If any of the links aren't working that we mentioned during those episodes, just send us a message and we'll dig up some of the examples and other content that we had discussed post converge. We made plans to restart the podcast March, 2020. COVID obviously had other plans. It's not the best time to stick multiple people in a small room with so many unknowns at the time. Season two is put on indefinite pause. As we sent all of our employees home for remote work for their safety spring 2020, brought us a second win at a Citrix converge hackathon converged 2.0, we took the top category of best business value, thanks to an heroic effort by our lead developers. So all the tell you'll hear a lot more from him during this podcast season our business ramped over the summer and into the fall of 2020 Podio workspace and other virtualization products were in demand with a new normal of work from home. And it left no time for a new podcast season, also with the European and our own north American Podio meetups, spoiled by travel restrictions and general fears. We combined efforts late that fall of 2020 to co-produce the first international Podio developed region. Joining us was the likes of Jordan Fleming of the supercharge podcast. Make that your next lesson after this, as well as Citrix techie go Gamechangers, quivery tools, arrow, ECS, and many other gracious sponsors from around the globe. It was a wonderful virtual meetup search for the non NDA sessions of that meetup on YouTube for some wonderful recaps and some thoughtful commentary 2021 edition is in the works and it will be Podio focused. Moving on converge 3.0 was November, 2020 and brick bridge consultant took the newly-minted official top place of over all winter. We had heavy competition from our friends at Raul, works the look and feel their workspace entry was top-notch, but we had quantity of novel integrations on our side to edge them out. If you haven't seen raw works his work, I would suggest taking a look at it a quick Google should bring it up. It's wonderful stuff. Winter into spring of 2021 sob brighter future for all shots and arm. And COVID mostly in the rear view mirror. We turn back to our podcasting plans once again, what will we do now? Podio was stronger than ever. Podio developers had continue their wind streak, and it wasn't just us. There was no denying that remote work was now the future of work for many organizations across the world. Citrix also nouns the acquisition of Reich in the spring of 2021. A big Podio competitor in Podio is early days. In my opinion, how could we ignore? Citrix's escalating commitment to SAS and the needs and the new work world. We all find ourselves in. And when we looked at this podcast, we realized there was something much greater to be envisioned for all of us, Citrix developers, regardless of what Citrix product we work in Citrix is at the forefront of the new work paradigm and Podio developers sit in a unique position. There isn't a better community to take advantage of the new tool. Citrix is providing. We ask that you listener find an open mind to the new products and this podcast, regardless of your thoughts, feelings, or dislikes of podiums past and future direction, we believe there have been and will be more growing pains, but is ultimately you Podio developer that has all the advantages. The Podio community has been working for years, solving our client's workflow conundrums while designing this sometimes outrageous automation desire. We encourage all Podio developers, regardless if you code or not to take the banner of a Citrix developer. So your clients know that they can access the very best in the future of work. If you have not looked into the CSA program at Citrix, I encourage you to do so. If you have any questions or feel it isn't for you, contact us, we can answer many questions or get you to the right resources for further investigation. And if it's not for you, we're here to help you with your clients, with our connections to product distribution, please just reach out, okay, what is the path forward for this podcast? I think you've likely picked up the trail in my monologue here. We're going to be covering all the latest and SAS offerings from Citrix as well as many non Citrix SAS products that we can't help, but talk about if they play nice. Of course, top of the Citrix SAS lists will be Podio. We're still covering that. It's going to be a huge part of this podcast. Workspace Reich share file rights signature are also going to be top picks for what we talk about. Non SAS offerings from Citrix will be under the virtualization focus with[inaudible] ADC, SD wan, and Citrix analytics, making the show at some point this season, these are wonderful fries and Cola to the hamburger of your Citrix development practice. Outside of Citrix, we'll be touching on the most popular integrations that all of our clients desire SAP office 365 Salesforce, and there will surely be others that make that list. We hope that you send us a messages, uh, so we can touch on some of the most popular. I promise it. Won't just be me talking the whole time. As in the past, this podcast is not a sales promotion. We're going to be delivering value directly into your ears with technical topics, innovative use cases and discussion with engaging guests topics will be centered around designs in the no-code low-code interfaces, Java script, PHP, examples as well as a little bit on API APIs and Jason we'll also discuss our journey of how we brought our non Citrix integrations to the Citrix ready marketplace and how you can too. It's a wonderful opportunity. We'll share our process on what it's like to compete in Citrix hackathons and why you should rise to that challenge and bring your entries. You're going to be hearing from the town of brick bridge consulting team about all sorts of topics. Our successes obstacles, both in the past and present where we bring on others from the Citrix developer community familiar names and new ones to talk shop about their overall experience with delivering Citrix solutions. We also plan to have a few select vendors and ecosystem resources on hand to give an inside look of how their services can help you grow your business. And we're not going to allow them to be a total sales pitch. They're going to have to give us the goods. Lastly, we want you to be on the podcast. It could be through your presence, your messages, submitting your issues and topics. To be honest, whatever you can throw at us, please subscribe and contact us. This is truly your podcast and we are honored to have you engaged. We are here for you. The world is very different since our first season, but so are all of us, whether you're a first-time listener or back with us, again, it is our pleasure to host you in our Citrix development journey. Thank you so much for listening today, and I'm excited. You'll be joining us for future episodes.